Many cleaning company's will make all kinds of boasts and promises many they can't deliver.

One hour drying?

Yes we can if we do a light clean on none absorbent fibres, but not all fibres are the same, if you want a deep down professional clean that removes more stains and soiling than any other cleaning available, drying times are between 2-6 hours fully dry on carpets, using fast dry deep cleaning system (most rooms are usable straight away). Upholstery drying times vary from 2-8 hours depending on material and soiling levels. Some will dry quicker but different fibres and fabrics react differently.

Our cleaning methods are Recomended by leading Manufacturers
and are proven to remove more stains and soiling than any other cleaning system around.

cheapest cleaning company?

Many cleaning companys will lead you to believe that the cleaning service they provide is the cheapest around then add on extras you didn`t want.

Some cut corners, some just do a quick wetting and leave.

We give a honest service at a reasonable price for the high quality service we provide, we will give the best professional clean for your carpets and furniture possible, and provide you with a satisfaction guarantee, we want you to be our long term customers and recommend us to your friends and family!

 We provide honest professional cleaning that gets results

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