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 Our Promise:

   We will be courtious and respectful of you and your property.

   We will show up at the agreed time; if we are running late we will
   give you a courtesy call to let you know.

   We will give a professional quality service at all times to our very  highest standards.

   We will give you correct professional advice for cleaning your home and furnishings.

   We will give you an honest price that's competitive.

   We will not try to sell you any product or service you do not require.

   We will give you a full written quote when required stating full prices.

   We will only use the very best quality cleaning solutions that are safe for               
   you, pets, and your home and use top quality professional cleaning equipment.
   We will only charge the agreed price with no hidden extras.

   We will guarantee your satisfaction on the work we carry out, we will ask you to
   inspect the work when finished before you pay a penny.

   We have only one kind of service, the very best professional service available!